Cantar HARIO V60 Drip cadru metalic Mărește

Cantar HARIO V60 Drip cadru metalic



Fa-ti cafeaua de specialitate fara efort, cantarind exact cantitatea corecta si setand timpii ideali de preparare. Acest cantar iti va fi prieten de nadejde de fiecare data cand vrei sa prepari o cafea intr-un V60.


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399,00 lei

  • LED Backlight Stainless Steel Weighing Platform Rechargable Battery (vis USB) Non-slip Rubber Feet Easy to Clean

      Hario Drip Scales Include :

  • 1x Hario V60 Scales VSTM-2000HSV Nickel-Hydrate Battery Lasts for Up To 80 Hours Timer and Weight on One LCD Back-light Screen

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